• Beyond flattering to be included in your list. I tip my hat to you.

  • To be featured in the same page with such accomplished travel bloggers is a big honor.

    Thank you so much Venkat ! 🙂

    • And I am equally honored to write about such bloggers! 😀

  • Thanks for featuring me in your top 5 list. I am humbled.

    And about that chilled beer? I have couriered you once again, please check with your courier guys, they must be consuming it. 😛

    Thanks once again.

  • Great list, all good bloggers — and nice to see India travel bloggers gaining recoginition too.


  • Hello there! Saw your link via one of Nomadic Samuel’s posts. I haven’t been to India yet and just like you, I am also curious if there’s a number of Indian bloggers blogging about India. It will be interesting to read stories in their point of view. I’ve read some of LemonKicks and Shivya’s blog. Thanks for sharing your favorite five and I am also glad to discover your blog. Hoping to visit India the soonest. More power! 😀

    • Thanks for dropping by and appreciating the work. Happy to hear that you liked it
      And you have an awesome time in India when you come down here!


  • Awesome list and very glad to be a part of it. Thanks for the mention! 🙂

    • And am glad to have read your blog Neelima!


  • Nice list and following them now… Great work

    Being Traveler | Himanshu Nagpal


  • Venkat Ganesh, you are doing good things for travel lovers community. We must appreciate your dedication. Really love to be a part of your move. A lot of useful information, once again thank you for your good effort.

  • Great yaar..:) I also love bike riding and I made a tour from Hisar(Haryana) to Ladakh with my friends. I did a lot of enjoyment. Hope you are also enjoying your trip. Best of luck buddy..

  • Nice list..I was searching some Indian travelers who dare to travel solo. I read Neelima’s blog, she is really a good photographer..

  • very informative news.thanx..

  • Nice compilation of travel blogger. Already follow three of them. Got to know about the two 🙂

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  • Good to know I know all said travel bloggers via internet. Thanks for sharing.

  • Nice list. Fellow travellers are always an inspiration!

  • Oh, that’s a great idea! Quit the job and go for travelling which is just awesome. I love to travel but because of job I hardly visit few places with my Avenger. You are so lucky man….