• very useful and informative…

    used to ride a yezdi for 20years.. rode round almost all of india in the 80s 🙂 then in 2000 sold it for a car due back problems…
    retired last august… and decided to chase my dream of being astride a bullet on the highest motorable road in the world – the khardungla pass on my 60th bday on 01aug13! booked a royal enfield desert storm, delivery expected in sep12. have started getting back into shape for loooong rides.
    been driving around in my indica for the past 6years.did a road trip of rajasthan for 20days. did a road trip in scorpio of MP last month 🙂
    so having fun!!

    • Whoa! Get on the saddle! Do it! And be an inspiration to people like us Sir!
      All the best!

  • Gaurav Katre

    good info..

  • Carol

    this is good info but I had a hard time reading it because the share buttons were always covering the left part of your post.

  • Justine Cross

    Great tips! Such an incredible thing to do! Happy travels! 🙂

  • Gokul

    Real valid tips man. It is always better to go light on the bikes. And also should have the first aid kit when riding solo.

  • Great tips– my worst fear on a solo trip would be maintenance issues as I’m completely worthless when it comes to fixing anything.

  • Good advice. I like to pack light when I travel (carry-on only) but I can see that packing for a motorbike trip is even more demanding.

  • Danik Bates

    Love this blog. Always wanted to do a long motorcycle adventure after watching ‘the long way round’ 😀

  • I do think the type of bike really does make a difference. The first bike my husband brought was simply not the right style for long journeys – the seating position was all wrong – however the second bike, a triumph, had a much better seating position. I would love to do a big road trip one day! 🙂

  • megan_claire

    Some fantastic tips here – one of our resolutions for 2017 was to learn how to ride so we can take our first long distance trip. Your pointers will come in very handy – thanks!

  • Susan McNulty

    I’ve never been on a motorbike trip, but I think it’d be really fun! I’ve been on plenty of roadtrips, usually in cars though. There’s a certain safety in that, as you can literally pack your kitchen sink if you need it. Your tips are incredibly useful, even for people who are backpacking versus motorbiking. I know I like to make a list prior to backpacking, and having a system has saved my sanity numerous times!

  • I (jazzy) never road a motorbike, let alone a motorbike trip! However we were considering taking a scooter ride across northern Thailand and we could definitely use some of these tips for our trip! Thnx

  • James Smith

    I always wondered how bikers packed. What I am still wondering about is how you guys wash your clothes? You’re obviously exposed to the elements or sweating in hot weather with leathers on. How do you do it?

  • Adrianna Vogel

    Great post ! I I dont know if I could pack like that tho 😀 But I would love to take a trip on motorcycle! Especially in Vietnam! I heard its amazing there

  • Sara Bernard

    I’m not very fond of motorbikes but after following Charlie Sinewan (a Spanish biker who has been travelling the world for over 7 years, there is a YouTube channel but it is mostly in Spanish) I can understand what you’re saying! And I bet this is very useful for some starting to bike around. Thanks for sharing

  • I have been all over the South America with motorbikes so I can really relate to this post. Its truly amazing of how you thought and conceptualize how can this help your readers. kuddos to you and safe travels!

  • Tom Stevenson

    I’ve never travelled on a motorbike for the precise reason about what to do with your luggage. I wouldn’t want to be travelling around on a bike with a massive bag with me! I would think less would be better regards luggage.

  • Elisa Subirats

    Looks like a very complete article with good tips. Unfortunately I don’t know how to ride a bike so I don’t have any experience about this subject

  • I am not really a fan of motorbikes, but I think if you are going on an adventure the tips you have given here are very good. We do plan to rent scooters during one of our future trips to get the experience.

  • Lydia@Lifeuntraveled.com

    I always wonder how those traveling on motorbikes manage to carry all their stuff and now I know! I think traveling lighter at all times is a good idea but I wouldn’t be able to hand over the control of the camera to someone else…lol!

  • I never knew how you can pack so many things on a motorbike but after I started travelling with my backpack and meet backpackers that travel for a year with just one bag I am starting to understand. So many useful tips for beginners.Creating a packing list is always a good idea for every traveler no matter the travel style, luggage size or where are you going to.

  • Matt Hulland

    I love the idea of travelling by motorbike but I always wonder how people cope with such a small space to pack. There are some great tips in here, in-fact, not just for travelling by bike but for packing light in general. Thanks for sharing!

  • Joan Torres

    Hey, great post! I love traveling by motorbike. It’s the cheapest way to travel and you get to see a lot of things! I’ve done 2 big motorbike trips: in Sri Lanka and Vietnam, but I didn’t ride a big motorbike, but a scooter. But still I enjoyed it so much! I didn’t do any kind of preparation though. I just drove and went like if I was going by bus. I will definitely look at your tips! Thanks!

  • Adriana K Smith

    You know I’ve never considered another way of traveling outside of planes, trains, automobiles, and walking. I think this is new and fun for me, although I don’t know anything about riding a motorbike. I think I have to look into this as a bucket list adventure. Thanks!

  • We’re riding through Vietnam at the minute but we’re backpacking too, so we’ve just kind of winged it a little bit. But looking at this post maybe we should have been a bit more organised! Thanks for sharing these great tips though!

  • Young And Undecided

    It’s kind of my dream to learn how to ride a motorbike and travel with it. Hopefully one day I will be brave enough!

  • Anita Sane

    It looks like a very helpful motorbike packing guide. I guess many tips are universal for any kind of travelers. Thanks for sharing!

  • Thanks for sharing your experience as well as the tips for a bike tour..really excellent

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    It’s great to travel on the bike, traveling to all the places on the bike. But when ever we go for a bike ride we need to be ready with all the backpacks and travel accessories. Accessories are costly to buy it, instead, we can rent them at affordable prices.

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  • That’s a very informative blog . Keep travelling 🙂

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