• Ajmal roshan

    Well said,inspiring

  • Some great tips that I think relate to just about any solo trip. I especially like the tip on setting shorter goals. Have yet to get on a motorbike but maybe one of these days I will!

  • Lauren Craving Sunshine

    I’m not a motorbiker myself but these tips are great in any type of solo travel situation.

  • Kavita

    I’ve never travelled by motorbike but some of my friends have and will pass your excellent tips on to them. I really like the mix of sensible, security and safety aspect tips mixed in with others about how to get more joy and experiences from the trip.

  • Danik Bates

    I haven’t rode a motorbike in a long time but by looking at the photos, I want to get back on it! Love this post and great tips.

  • Stacey Sandlin Veikalas

    We are not a motorbike family as we have 3 kids and a dog LOL but when they all move out maybe we will try this! It looks like a lot of fun and a great way to see the landscape.

  • Conversations of Us

    We don’t motorbike, but this is definitely an interesting read! Also, this type of travelling is just an amazing thing to do. 🙂

  • Hra

    Great tips for those who travel with motorbike!! I love adventurous travel 🙂

  • I think these are great tips! I don’t do solo rides often but I’ll have to keep these in mind for when I do. Sounds like an adventure!

  • megan_claire

    Fantastic tips – I’ve always said to not let people not being willing to come along be the reason to not go on a trip you’re dying to take. But as great as solo trips are, there are extra precautions to take, and I especially reiterate the importance of keeping your friends and family in the loop about your trip.

    You’re never too old to let someone know where you’ll be … we learnt this the hard way during a hiking trip. My husband’s father passed away while we were in the middle of the Aus outback and we hadn’t told anyone where we would be or how to reach us. It’s so important no matter what the trip. XX

  • That’s a great tip re the phone numbers. It’s true that I could not reel off any of the numbers of my pals. I can just about remember my husbands and that is it.

  • Skye

    Great tips and looks like you’ve had some great solo adventures on your bike! Amazing roads in those pics.

  • Rebecca Elizabeth Coates

    Great tips!! It’s definitely an exciting adventure and seems like a fantastic way to meet new people and learn about the local culture!

  • Travelling Dany

    My husband would love a motorbike trip, yet I still haven’t planned anything like that. You give great advices on this article, thank you very much!

  • Great tips! Sounds like you’ve had great solo trips to teach you all of these things. And the roads in your pictures look an incredible place to ride.

  • Really useful tips and even though I don’t even have a driving license and can’t take advantage of them I am sure many people will find it very helpful. I almost feel like driving myself sensing the freedom it can give you.

  • Corinne Vail

    Even though I have no intention of ever going on a solo motorbike ride, I think your tips are spot on.

  • Sara (Belly Rumbles)

    All important and great tips for riding alone. I thing the ICE card is an important one even when riding in your home town. Be prepared is my motto.

  • Melody Pittman

    These look like very important tips for going on a solo bike ride. Listing your emergency contact info (via paper) is always something to be done when traveling. Your rides sure look like fun!

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    I don’t do motorbike but your tips must be great for motorbike aficionados. Thanks for sharing

  • What a beautiful part of the world to explore by motorbike! This was really helpful. Great post, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Wanderers Hub

    Awesome tips! Keeping your parents informed about each and every detail is the most important thing. Other than that, social media can always be a great help – with all the updates reaching our friends, relatives, and followers. 🙂

  • Very informative post. I haven’t ridden a motorbike before, but I should probably learn since it’s such a great way to explore in many foreign countries.

  • Ronald Joseph

    I am doing a solo ride on my Royal Enfield Electra next week. Thank you for the valuable information.

  • Very useful tips. Keeping your family informed is very important and locals do help a lot. I like the way you have suggested one start off…with small targets.

  • These are fantastic tips. The furthest I’ve ever been on my motorcycle is a 2 hour ride to Port Dover. My ass was hurting lol. I haven’t been riding much since I got my Jeep Wrangler but this summer I will get back out on the road. Great post.

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    Wow you have given some very fantastic tips . I myself am a solo traveler and also solo bike rider. These tips would be really help for me and other. Keep it up.

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    nice man. I totally agree with all tips here. Last year I did solo trip to Spiti valley (Supercheap, in 5000 Rupees all), and couldnt relate more what I experienced and what you’ve shared here.

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    Your article should be a starting page of the solo ride bible.

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    Awesome!!!Very interesting post…

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  • Good Tips! Very informative post.


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    Very Useful tips. Solo riding will be more fun if we take care of all above things.

  • wow nice blog post thanks for sharing

  • Very nice article, really helpful. I will personally recommend to read that article & get the tips if you are planning out to go for any trip.

  • Get an additional clutch cable, and know how to change it. That just works when you are on long rides

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  • Subash Sankar

    On my recent 5 day motorcycle tour, I fastened my 35l trekking bag to my pillion seat using a pair of bungee chords and a tank bag on the front., It was the last trip I did that long. After I didn’t go for any trips more than two days(due to financial and time circumstances). The question is, should I invest in a saddle bag? or shall I go on with my trekking bag and tank bag?. Kindly share your suggestions

    • Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

      Just continue with your backpack. If you think you can pack all your essentials, then you don’t need any saddle bag. Tank back would do well for your quick access needs

      • Subash Sankar

        Thank you brother

    • neeraj

      tank bang and trekking bag is enough

  • neeraj

    i am going for muktinath, nepal tour on 15th december on bike. Its more adventurous than any other place. Its my second trip for muktinath on bike.