I’m so glad that something has piqued your interest and you want to know more about who am I and what this blog is all about.

So. My name is Venkat Ganesh. For the first two-thirds of my life I’d always been called as Ganesh and then (I don’t know why) but some people started called me Venkat or Venky and it caught on. But never mind, I respond to all the names, so call me what you want.

My first memories of travelling go back to my days at graduation when my friends and I would ride our bikes to some remote hills of the Western Ghats near Mumbai and hike a mountain and return the next day. While all this time, my friends’ parents would think we having a group study night or working on a project at my place. 😛

And before long we grew up, got jobs and but our little bike rides and treks never stopped. And then in 2008, somehow 6 of us got together and decide to ride our bikes along the Konkan coast and back over a period of 10 days. The next year we rode to Ladakh and then the year after that again. And in September of 2011, when I wanted to go to Ladakh again, my friends said, “Not again”. So I decide to ride alone. And that first solo trip to the mountains was a turning point in my life. A week after I returned, I went to my manager at work, told him I wanted to resign, served my notice period and in January of 2012, I left home without a plan on an indefinite trip.

Since then, I’ve ridden my trusted old Honda Unicorn whom I’ve christened Beauty in Red, trekked the Himalayas, camped under a million start, slept to sound of waves, moved to Vietnam, taught English, rode motorbikes in North Vietnam and what not. Most of all, I’ve been incredibly fortunate to see what I’ve seen and experience what I’ve experienced and given a chance would do it all over again with no regrets.

This blog started as nothing but a way to share my stories with my friends and family but after 6 years, I’m glad that it still exists. And like I am, is still trying to find it’s way and is always on the look for the next journey. However, like my travels and style of them, it is focussed on motorcycle touring, backpacking advice and responsible travelling. At the same time,  the blog serves to an audience of intrepid travellers, who’re looking for advice, information and inspirations to make the best of journeys.

I’ve been interviewed by fellow travel enthusiasts and bloggers and it’s a good place to know a bit more about my story. Here are a few

  1. The Musafir Stories Travel Podcast - I talk to Saif and Faiza - the lovely duo behind this podcast that is making waves on the podcast scene about road tripping Goa and my time in Vietnam teaching English
  2. As a “non-native” speaker of English, it’s a difficult task to find a job teaching ESL. Amy and Andrew of Our Big Fat Travel Adventure interviewed me about the challenges of making that happen and life in Vietnam
  3. Who doesn’t know Sachin Bhandary. The eccentric traveller or as he likes to a call himself - an eccentripper. We spoke about life as a long-term traveller here.
  4. The folks at Bongyatra interviewed me about my travels. Check them out here
  5. And in case you have any questions do not hestitate to email me. It’s venkatganesh(at)indiabackpackmotorbike(dot)com

Thanks for being interested in my story. I want to hear yours. Leave a comment and let’s talk


Venkat Ganesh