• Danni Lawson

    Love this as I am always desperate for more time off to travel! I have saved for later 🙂

    • Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

      Thank you so much! I hope you’re able to travel as much as possible in the coming year! 🙂

  • Kristine AARSHEIM

    I really enjoyed reading this post and I totally agree with you – anyone can travel if they just organize things right! Now, I have a freelance job so for me this is not an issue, but I usually travel with my partner and he needs to take time off from his 9-5 job. He does exactly what you suggest. He takes 1-2 additional days, and we frequently go on long-weekend trips together (3-4 days). Sometimes by flight, but usually road trips 🙂

    • Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

      That is so great! Roadtrips are the best! 🙂

  • Bruce Schinkel Jr.

    Great post! I totally agree that anyone can travel more than they already do if they really wanted to. Your simple tips are perfect to make it happen.

    • Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

      Thank you! I think breaking down things and making them simple is the key to getting what you want

  • Susan McNulty

    These are some really great tips! And they’re super easy to put into practice at home. I wish the US had a better vacation policy, but thankfully my husband has a job that allows him a little more freedom than the traditional office life. I’m going to have to show this to him so we can get to planning on how we’re going to incorporate more travel in 2017!

    • Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

      Thanks! I hope you have a lot of fun travelling and discovering new places on your travels!

  • Great post. A lot of people don’t make the most of the time off they have and you’re right that with the right planning you can see a lot of places. All that holiday time adds up and exploring your own backyard is a great way to make use of the weekend and bank holidays.

    • Venkat Ganesh Gudipaty

      I think exploring your own backyard is very important. There are so many places in Bombay itself that I haven’t been to. And these are not some obscure ones. In fact they’re regular run of the mill, guide book approved places. And not that I ain’t interested in those sights. Just that because they’re there I’ve never gotten around to them

  • Mark of a true traveler! I do that too – plan around public holidays and apply for leave at the start of the year. lol 😀

  • Mango Lady Diaries

    Loved this post, Venkat 🙂 This is going to be really helpful. As a traveller, I always look out for ways how to stretch the holidays and how to make the most of it. This will surely help me to plan better 🙂

  • Some many great pieces of advice!
    I’m actually doing something similar next year with the travel planner: trying to schedule all my holidays in bank holidays and/or weekends. Here in Ireland there´s two bank holidays very close to each other so I could potentially travel for 17 days and only use 9 days of holidays!

  • Michaele

    This planner is really great! I’m still a student but I’m pretty sure it would work for me too with some small changes… and I’m actually going to try that!

  • A good set of tips. You are are right there are umpteen holidays one could use to get out there. I have seen that when a person has the travel bug, he will always find a way out to travel. Y

  • That’s quite a plan! Now to plan for the money 🙁

  • Shruti Agarwal

    Nice Thanks for sharing 🙂