Indian Travel Bloggers - My Favourite Five

By the time you read this post it’d be a Monday morning & you’d dreading and grudging about the week ahead. It reminds me of the time I spent in that cubicle. Back then my favourite things to do was to read travel blogs and thats where the inspiration to quit my job and go travelling came from.

Now anybody who’s in the travel blogging space or follows travel blogs regularly knows the Wandering Earls, Nomadic Samuels and and other such RTW travellers and their blogs. “But are there any Indians doing similar things?’ I get asked by my friends as well as people I meet during the travels. So I set out to discover if there are and who these guys are. And this search of mine took me on marathon of number of Indian travel blogs. Now most of them disappointingly are  journals where journeys are maintained in a “We went there-We ate this-This place was amazing-And now I’m home getting nostalgic about that place”  kind of tone, documenting every moment of the writer’s trip  from the times they leave the confines of their home town to the time when they get back. And then these blogs go dead for a while until the next trip. And very interesting though some of these records, are I wanted to read blogs where a traveler muses about a certain incident or provides inspiration to the readers or shares travel advice and tips. And that led to the discovery of these 5 Indian travel bloggers who have turned to be my favorites after having them followed for a while.

Le Monde - A Poetic Travel

This blog by Nisha was the first blog that I came across during the search for Indian travel bloggers. Indian? - Check. Solo Backpacker? - Check. Female? - Check. Now how many women out there in India go and do that? AndLe Monde - A Poetic Travel along with blogging she’s been featured in a number of publications print as well as online. With her travels taking her to 20+ countries across the world she finds that whereever she goes a poet has already been there. But then I think she can take pride in the fact that she was the first India woman to visit a small place in Thailand. And after she came back from volunteering in Cambodia a student of her’s wrote back and that, I believe  will keep her going across the world for more such experiences. For all those who like her blog and leave a comment she promises a chilled beer :). Although I am yet to get my share of them, I will let you try your luck

Blog address :

Twitter : @cemonde

Facebook : Le Monde - A Poetic Travel


Shadows Galore

Shadows GaloreRun by Puru and Ekta - two Business Analysts from Pune,  this blog was originally started as a photo blog to fulfill requirements of some photography competition. And today, after the recent redesign of the blog, they also write about movies and books along with travel memoirs of course. And having started as a photo blog the provide some excellent photography tips. And of course that also means that their photography is excellent. One look is all that will take to realize that.

Blog address :

Twitter :  @ShadowsGalore

Facebook : Shadows Galore 


The Shooting Star

Another solo backpacking girl, Shivya quit her job to pursue her passion - travelling.  Along with being the blogger she’s also the co-founder at India Untravelled  that offers offbeat and rural getaways in India. Her writingsThe Shooting Star have made it publications of a repute like Times of India, Huffington Post and The Hindu. A passionate traveler Shivya has just returned from Mauritius, and is heart broken - like everytime she is after having to return from wonderful places that her travels take her.  I tried to bribe her to give me that free stay at Le Meredien Ile Maurice in  Mauritius that she’s giving away as a contest win in exchange for being on my list but she refused 🙁 . But since I brought this contest to your attention I expect you to take me with you if you win. 

Blog address : www.the-shooting-star

Twitter : @Shivya

Facebook : The Shooting Star


The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales

The Wandering Soul's Wander TalesPeople who tell me that my blog name is long and difficult to remember, I present you with this blog by Neelima :P.  Jokes aside another female backpacker ( the numbers seem to be growing)who loves travelling, trekking and cycling. She claims to have started trekking at the age of 3 and since then she’s never looked back and mountains are her first and last love. No wonder  why she has never traveled out of India. East, West, North, South in India - this fantastic photographer has been there. And now, those working guys who say they cannot travel as much as we guys who do because they do not get leaves from office, here’s how you can if you really want to. Go figure!

Blog address :

Twitter : @I_Wanderingsoul

Facebook : The Wandering Soul’s Wander Tales


Fullstop India 

What is that makes some westerner to do 7 trips to India over a period of 7 years without a clue as to when this trips would end. And what makes him write 800+ stories over a 3 year period ranging from tips, advice,Full Stop India destination guides and quirky stories. It has to be an immense love.  Before the plane touched down in Delhi Chris knew that he was supposed to be India during his first trip in 2005.  From Planning a Trip to Places to Festivals, Fullstop India has got it all. And being a westerner does not come in the way of Chriss making it to my list of favourite  5.  And Chris is pretty sure staying Indian for the long haul.

Blog address :

Twitter : @FullStopIndia

Facebook : Full Stop India


So that’s my list of favorite India Travel Blogs. I have been inspired, motivated, learnt and laughed by reading their writings and I ask you to go check them out and give them a thumbs up. Along with all the travels and places, its the readers that keep us charged up enough to come to our rooms at end of a tiring day of travel and write that post. Cheers!